Windows 7 Product Lines Announced

  • 3 minutes to read
Microsoft today announced the new product line for Windows 7. In some ways the new Windows 7 product line follows the same ideas of Windows Vista, but the big differences are that each Windows 7 edition is a superset of the previous edition (which means... Read more

Fit in February Developer Challenge

  • 1 minute to read
I don’t know why or how I missed this earlier, but I just found out about the Fit in February Developer Challenge. After reading the official rules, which includes a brief explanation of why the challenge was started, I think this is an excellent way to entice us developers... Read more

Adding custom assertions to MSTest

  • 2 minutes to read
In my last post I talked about migrating from NUnit to MSTest and mentioned that there were some Assert methods that NUnit provided which did not have corresponding methods in MSTest. For reference, those unavailable Asserts are: Assert.IsNaN Assert.IsEmpty Assert.IsNotEmpty <code class="language-plaintext... Read more

Migrating from NUnit to MSTest

  • 7 minutes to read
I have been writing a lot of unit tests over the past month using the Microsoft Test (MSTest) unit testing framework that is now part of Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition (and higher SKUs). Currently I have about 223 unit tests covering 39 classes (about 18K lines of code, 325... Read more