Running Jekyll on WSL

  • 7 minutes to read
Almost 3 years ago I decided to move my blog to a GitHub repository. A few days ago, I needed to make some minor enhancements to it and also set up another blog. When I first set up my blog, it wasn’t an entirely straightforward or easy process to... Read more

My Fit in February Progress

  • 2 minutes to read
A few days ago I blogged about starting the Fit In February Challenge. Since then, my son and I are both participating in the challenge with daily stretches (mostly focused on the calf, hamstrings, and inner thighs) and some basic body weight exercises. For the body weight exercises, we’re... Read more

Fit in February Challenge

  • 3 minutes to read
Overview This is something I did in February 2009, when Caleb Jenkins ran the original challenge as a competition. Ten years later, I think it’s still important for everyone to get (or stay) fit, so I’m bringing it back, after a fashion. The Fit in February Challenge is... Read more

.NET Core project versioning

  • 11 minutes to read
Visual Studio has always allowed you to specify a version number for your .NET projects using the [assembly:AssemblyVersionAttribute("2.0.1")] syntax, usually in an AssemblyInfo.cs file. You can even use some special syntax to generate the build or revision number automatically. You can specify all the values... Read more

Saving Bootstrap component state

  • 7 minutes to read
Bootstrap is a great front-end UI framework for web development and has a lot of great components. One of those components is the collapse component. This allows you to easily toggle the visibility of content on your site. It also allows you to make really great accordion style... Read more