My Fit in February Progress

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A few days ago I blogged about starting the Fit In February Challenge. Since then, my son and I are both participating in the challenge with daily stretches (mostly focused on the calf, hamstrings, and inner thighs) and some basic body weight exercises. For the body weight exercises, we’re following a program I’ve used in the past with a great deal of success - the hundred pushups training program. In addition, we’re also doing the two hundred sit-ups and one hundred fifty dips training programs.

Since I’m still in rehab for my knee, I’m continuing my rehab protocol and doing physical therapy once a week but also my own modified kettle bell and rehab protocol at home 5 days a week. (My physical therapist knows what I’m doing and has approved all of the exercises, so it’s all within the guidelines of my established protocols.)

My modified routine consists of doing arm swings, shoulder presses, and tricep curls with a 7lb kettlebell (currently) while balancing on a foam balance pad. I do 4 sets of 10, alternating the balance on each leg. (So, my first set I’m balanced only on the left leg with the weight in my right hand, then the next set changes so I’m balanced on my right leg and the weight is in my left hand.) I also do 4 sets of 10 passing the kettlebell around my waist, again alternating the balance on each leg and also changing direction each set. Once those are done, I do 8 laps down a hallway of moderate speed jogging, then 4 laps of grapevines, 4 laps of side-steps, and 4 laps of backward jogging. All of that is followed by 1 minute of “stair taps” (standing at the foot of my stairs and just stepping up to tap each foot on the step; it’s almost like running in place except I’m going up one step). As of tomorrow, I’ll be adding 10 bunny hop squares, 5 in each direction, and I’ll be trying to add some proper cardio conditioning on an exercise bike or elliptical trainer as well.