Fit in February Challenge

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This is something I did in February 2009, when Caleb Jenkins ran the original challenge as a competition. Ten years later, I think it’s still important for everyone to get (or stay) fit, so I’m bringing it back, after a fashion.

The Fit in February Challenge is meant to be encouraging and motivating for us all, not just developers, to do something out of our normal routine to become healthier. Let’s kick start things in February.

Ways to participate

Even though this is a challenge, I decided to resurrect it this morning, so there aren’t prizes to win. Even so, if you start on the road of becoming healthier, isn’t that a prize in its own right?

First way: Loose weight between Feb 1st and Feb 28th.

Second way: Lose weight based on the percentage of weight that you started with vs your ending weight.

Finally, be an active participant. This is based on the idea of social accountability, which says you are more likely you are to actually follow through with the things you say and do in public.


Q: What if I don’t need to lose any weight, but still want to participate?

A: That is the main reason for the active participation and social accountability and lets you encourage those of us who do.

Q: Do you really expect people to get Fit in one month?

A: This challenge is just to kick start people’s efforts. Hopefully they will have results and that will encourage them to keep going.

Q: Why are we just measuring weight? What about BMI, tape measuring inches, etc.

A: Although BMI is a much better definition of “fit”, I wanted to make this as easy as possible for anyone to participate, and few things are as universal and as easy to access as a bathroom scale. Scales are just an easy and consistent way to approach this.

Q: It’s the middle of February, can I still join?

A: Yes! You can get started at any time!


ALWAYS consult your doctor before starting a new diet and/or exercise plan.