Outlook Macro for Creating Meetings from an Email

  • 1 minute to read
I just came across a post by Michael S. Scherotter about his Outlook macro to create an Outlook appointment from an email message. This is a feature that Outlook really should have, and this macro fills that gap very nicely. I cleaned up the code a bit and made... Read more

Consolas for a Command Prompt

  • 1 minute to read
This actually came out a while ago, but if you like the Consolas font that ships with Vista and Office 2007 you can change the Command Prompt (CMD.EXE) settings to allow you to use Consolas. If you don’t have Consolas installed, you can download from the Microsoft Download Center.... Read more

PDC for Novices, 2008 Edition

  • 13 minutes to read
I started doing these a few years ago for TechEd (2008 and 2007) and received a lot of good feedback so I decided to continue the series for PDC as well. Session Types This year PDC is offering a slightly different mix of session types with what... Read more


  • 2 minutes to read
Twitter is an interesting phenomenon. I first started using it in April at the MVP Summit. Since then, as anyone who is following me has seen, my use has been intermittent at best. The biggest reason is that I haven’t found a Twitter client that I liked that allowed... Read more

Product Review: uCertify PrepKit

  • 4 minutes to read
I recently took a look at the PrepKit offerings from uCertify. If you aren’t familiar with uCertify, they make practice exams and test preparation packages for a pretty extensive range of IT certifications including Microsoft, Oracle, CompTIA, Cisco, and Sun. The interesting thing about the uCertify PrepKit is that they... Read more