MVP Spotlight

  • 1 minute to read
Each week, the different MVP Leads send out an email communication to their MVPs letting us know about upcoming events and other things relevant to us. As part of that newsletter, an individual MVP is often highlighted. This week, I’m the featured MVP! Thanks, Heather,... Read more

Windows Phone Marketplace Requests

  • 1 minute to read
The Windows Phone Marketplace is ever growing (at the time of this post, there were around 60,000 apps), but sometimes the application you’re looking for is only available for Android or iOS. Sometimes this is because the vendor doesn’t think the Windows Phone community is large enough to matter so... Read more

Microsoft Small Basic

  • 3 minutes to read
If you have children and want them to learn programming at an early age (recommended age is between 10 and 16), you should check out Microsoft Small Basic, which combines a simple language and a rich set of libraries together with a friendly development environment. <img src="/img/posts/2010/2010-10-10-microsoft-small-basic/ff384126-smallbasicscreenshot-en-us.jpg" alt="" title=""... Read more

Light Blogging Activity

  • 2 minutes to read
Regular readers may have noticed that my blogging activity has slowed down considerably. I’m hoping to pick back up and start posting more soon, but until then I wanted to make sure everyone knows that I am still active…there have been other things that have been consuming my time. First,... Read more