Updates on the Windows Phone Marketplace Requests

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Just 3 days ago, I launched the Windows Phone Marketplace Requests site. Since that time, the response has been staggering, to say the least.

At the time the screenshot above was captured, there are 600 active ideas and 3,228 active users.

In an effort to help keep the site organized and usable, I have added some general guidelines for submitting requests. Remember, there is just one person maintaining this site so I’m asking you to help me keep the request quality high. I also just upgraded the site to provide support for the following new features:

I’m working with UserVoice to determine my options for increasing the number of forums. Even with the upgrade, I still only get one forum. The next plan up gives me 10 forums, but is more expensive. Even so, the current plan starts charging me next month so I may have to add a small advertising banner to help offset the costs. (I would rather not, but if I do add one I will try and keep it small and unobtrusive.)