WPF Datagrid control

  • 2 minutes to read
Anyone who has been using WPF has, by now, realized that one of the most versatile controls in Windows Forms is missing! I’m referring to the DataGridView. The WPF ListView does have a very powerful Grid View mode that can be used to get around this limitation for a lot... Read more

Detecting installed .NET Framework versions and service packs, update

  • 1 minute to read
Based on some of the article comments, I have just posted an update to this article on Code Project. The update includes support for the January CTP of Orcas, currently called .NET Framework v3.5 and also adds methods to get the actual version number and the Windows Foundation library (WPF, WCF, WF,... Read more


  • 1 minute to read
ClustrMaps is the only hit counter that (i) accurately shows you the locations of all visitors to your site on a thumbnail map embedded in your page, (ii) uses dot-clusters that scale up to huge numbers, and (iii) lets you store old maps in an archive. Well, I... Read more


  • 1 minute to read
“This isn’t a fantasy world. It’s a world like Earth. Power here is based on ignorance. On superstition. On deception. Not on magic. Not on anything mystical or paranormal. This ‘power’ wielded by the Hood is rooted, deeply rooted, in pure, blind fear.” StormScape is a new Science... Read more

Detecting installed .NET Framework versions and service packs

  • 1 minute to read
I have just posted a new article on Code Project that provides the definitive way to determine which versions and service packs of the .NET Framework are installed on the client computer. This article provides a single class that encapsulates the various methods required for determing the version and service... Read more