WPF Datagrid control

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Anyone who has been using WPF has, by now, realized that one of the most versatile controls in Windows Forms is missing! I’m referring to the DataGridView. The WPF ListView does have a very powerful Grid View mode that can be used to get around this limitation for a lot of situations.

However, for those times when you really do need the power and flexibility of a true data grid, you were out of luck unless you wanted to host the Windows Forms control.

All of that changed at the end of January when Xceed launched the first publicily available DataGrid component for WPF absolutely free, with an unlimited number of licenses per company. The free license is a perpetual license that includes royalty-free distribution, bug fixes, and upgrades. The only requirement is that you register with your real name and work email address.

I just started using this grid a few days ago and I can say that the power and flexibility offered are incredible. It already provides some great features and Xceed is busy working on the next release that will include some of the more frequently requested features (such as fixed columns) and bug fixes.

Support is handled by a community forum or you can purchase “professional level” support. In my limited experience so far, the support provided by the community forum has been excellent and is well staffed by the Xceed development team. Every question I have asked was quickly answered with accurate and detailed information.

I think the idea of offering this control for free with community support is an excellent move. It provides the development community with a much needed data grid control, it helps solidify Xceeds place in the WPF controls market space, and it results in a control that well understood, well supported, and provides the features needed by the community.

Download it now or view the excellent live XPAB demo.