Subtext CruiseControl.NET dashboard facelift

  • 1 minute to read
The Subtext CruiseControl.NET dashboard has undergone a major facelift this weekend. It now has a new CNAME record, which allows access to it from: This change is the beginning of an effort to enhance the documentation for the project and make it easier for users to... Read more

Detecting if IIS is installed and ASP/ASP.NET is registered

  • 3 minutes to read
Recently, someone sent me an email about my post on using managed code to detect the installed Framework versions and services packs. The posts were really just pointers to my article on The Code Project, but it did bring up an interesting topic. The question at hand really boils... Read more

February was busy!

  • 2 minutes to read
All I can say is, “Wow!” I just looked at my blog and realized that I posted 34 posts for last month. I’m sure some of you may not think this is a large amount, but for me it represented the single busiest month of blogging since I started almost... Read more

Visual Studio Code Metrics

  • 2 minutes to read
Visual Studio will finally get built-in support for generating code metrics for project and solutions. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Orcas officially ships, but it is part of the latest March CTP release (Virtual PC image or self-extracting install). Again, as with the integrated FxCop analysis, this will... Read more

GotDotNet shutting down!

  • 4 minutes to read
The Microsoft sponsored GotDotNet developer community site is shutting down! All of the functionality will be phased out by July 2007, so there isn’t much time left. According to the announcement, Microsoft is phasing out GotDotNet for the following reasons: Eliminate redundant functionality between GDN and other community... Read more