FoxPro Retiring

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It seems this is the year for Microsoft to announce product retirements. First GotDotNet, then Visual J#, and now eWeek just announced that FoxPro is being retired as well.

According to Microsoft, they will not be releasing any new versions of Visual FoxPro past version 9.0, but they will continue to support it through 2015.

The FoxPro development team, which is actually part of the Microsoft Visual Studio team, will be spread out across different groups in the Microsoft Developer Division, including those working on Visual Studio “Orcas”.

However, in an interesting twist, Microsoft will be releasing core portions of the software to CodePlex. The technologies that will be released on CodePlex include the “Sedna” project, which is a new project that takes advantage of the enhancements in FoxPro 9 to provide better integration with other Microsoft products and technologies, such as Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and Vista.

There will also be a service pack for FoxPro 9 released this summer that takes advantage of the Vista Aero user interface.