Only Chalk Talk at Tampa Code Camp

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As I was building the Internet Calendar for Tampa Code Camp, I realized that I have the dubious distinction of being the only Chalk Talk session. I am a little bit surprised since this format (which is very similar to the Birds of a Feather session format from TechEd) provides a good round-table interactive discussion on the topic.

If you are going to Tampa Code Camp, be sure to check out my session on Code Style and Standards. The session is scheduled at 10:50 AM in Room 451.

As a teaser to get you to attend, we are going to discuss what code style and standards actually mean and why they are important to you as a developer but also to your company. Yes, we will cover some of the “holy wars” regarding “curly brace placement” and “tab size”, but also things like white-space and indenting, comments, and spelling.

Join us for a fun and lively 60 minute discussion on what works and doesn’t work when it comes to code style and standards.