Community Credit Winner for April

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I was just awarded 5th prize for April 2007. This goes along with the 16th place prize I won back in February.

” This shirt may be, according to various scientific research councils we paid off, the World’s Most Clever Shirt ever. It’s quite possibly the World’s Most Clever Shirt Ever. EVAR! That’s like forever, without the for part. “

The great thing about it is that I get some cool prizes for doing what I normally do every day. The even better thing is that I was able to get 5th place out of just over 7000 people.

Unfortunately, it also means that I will need to work extra hard this month if I want another chance at winning a prize due to the new handicapping system that was just put in place. This is a very fair way to ensure that the same people don’t constantly win each month. The winners from the previous month are assigned a handicap that lowers their point ranking for the competition. It doesn’t affect the actual points they are awarded, but it does weight them lower than a non-winner. The higher your place was in the previous month, the higher your handicap is. It is about the only way to allow a fair distribution of awards, and for those individuals that are able to still win a prize even with the handicap, it is a tremendous effort and worth extra recognition.