CC.NET Vista Sidebar Gadget updates

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For those of you who are keeping up with the progress Simone Chiaretta has been making on his excellent CC.NET Monitor gadget, he is getting ready to release the 0.8 version. This version includes a lot of feedback received, and implements the following features:

  • new tab style settings page
  • ability to monitor more than one CC.NET dashboard
  • possibility to choose which project to display for each server
  • added a license page (which is the [new BSD license](, as stated in [my copyright and licensing policy](
  • added an icon at the bottom of both docked and undocked view with a global status: it's green if all the projects are building correctly, it's red if at least one of them is failing
  • removed the strings with the current activity and replaced the sleeping text with that icon: ![](
  • Now that I see the “sleeping” icon, I like the combination of status and activity using just icons and will actually be incorporating this into the Subtext dashboard shortly. This gadget is quickly becoming a very viable replacement for the CCTray application on Vista. I know Simone is planning to add the ability to force a build in an upcoming release.