Joe Wells leaving Sunbelt

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For those of you who have been following my blog, you should remember that I used to work at a local computer security company, Sunbelt Software. Just over a year ago, Joe joined Sunbelt a their Chief Scientist for Security Research. (Disregard the date on the press release, the year is incorrect and should be 2006.)

If you are wondering why Joe was important to Sunbelt, he was one of the developers behind the VIPRE scan engine that is employed in the V2 release of CounterSpy. Joe did bring a great deal of knowledge about how the anti-virus community in general works, having helped create the early releases of Norton Anti-Virus and starting the WildList.

The VIPRE engine, however, represents a major effort on the part of Sunbelt to create a new “hybrid” anti-virus and anti-spyware scanning engine. This engine will be at the heart of Sunbelt’s future CounterSpy releases and promises to bring some very exciting and revolutionary changes in the way scans are performed.