Xbox 360 Elite

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Microsoft just announced the Xbox 360 Elite gaming console. The Elite version has a price tag of $479.99 and includes the following:

The Elite package is rumored to be available at the end of April.

This version still uses the same 90nm chip technology as the other Xbox 360 consoles. They will all change to the 65nm technology when it is ready.

Also, in order to keep cost down, the Elite package will not include an HD-DVD drive. This should be available as an add-on/upgrade, which is the same as the other consoles.

The biggest changes are the larger hard drive (which can be separately purchased as well), the 1080p support, and the HDMI output. Other than that, it’s just a regular Xbox 360 with a black skin and controller. I don’t think it will effectively compete against the Sony PS3 (except in price) or against the Apple TV as it doesn’t include any DVR-like features. Maybe the “Xbox 720” will.