Data Binding an Enum with Descriptions

  • 9 minutes to read
Every once in a while I need to bind an enumerated type to a Windows Forms control, usually a ComboBox. The simplest is to use the Enum.GetValues() method, setting its result to the DataSource property of the ComboBox. If you have the following enum: <div class="language-csharp... Read more

Refactor or Rewrite?

  • 1 minute to read
There was a recent discussion on The Code Project about the virtues of refactoring. This rather quickly turned in to a question about what the difference is between refactoring and rewriting code. I have worked for a manager who loved to say “I’m confident in my ability to... Read more

Windows PowerShell e-book

  • 1 minute to read
If you are a PowerShell developer, or are just interested in learning more about Windows PowerShell, be sure to check out this 44 page e-book from Microsoft Switzerland (yes, it’s in English). The associated demos are also available. Read more

Office Business Applications - OBA Central

  • 1 minute to read
Up until now, if you were developing an Office Business Application (OBA) there weren’t a lot of resources available. OBA Central means to change that. It is a community site that brings together Microsoft, Microsoft OBA ISVs, services partners and customers, making it easy to connect. There are already a... Read more

Club Internet: le duel

  • 1 minute to read
Reading Joe Healy’s blog, I came across a post about a really impressive bit of advertising done by MSN France. It’s in French and is a Flash app (not Silverlight, which is disappointing), but it is still very impressive. Read more