Getting Ready for PDC 2008

  • 1 minute to read
PDC 2008 starts in a few days. I’ve setup a preliminary schedule already, but, as always, it’s subject to change once I get there. It will be good to see the early bits for Windows 7, including a Windows 7 Application Compatibility Lab. I’m staying at the Grand Kyoto Hotel,... Read more

New .NET Logos

  • 1 minute to read
Just in time for PDC, Microsoft has unveiled new logos for the .NET Framework. According to Chris Keonig’s blog post about the new logos, the change was made because We [Microsoft] needed a logo that was in sync... Read more

Reminder: October 2008 Tampa Bay IASA Meeting

  • 1 minute to read
Just a reminder that the Tampa Bay IASA October meeting is tonight starting at 6:30 PM. “Fix the Architecture” - Open Discussion We have a great group of members with a variety of experience, so bring your architecture problems and leverage those experiences and creativity to help solve them.... Read more

PDC 2008 Schedule Builder is live

  • 1 minute to read
Not sure when this became live, but the schedule builder for PDC 2008 is now available. This is very different from the schedule builder tools of the past and is considerably easier to work with. As you can see, the schedule is presented as... Read more

Tampa Bay IASA – November 2008 Meeting

  • 4 minutes to read
We are very pleased to be holding this meeting in cooperation with the Central Florida BizTalk User Group. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) using BizTalk Server 2006R2 Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) using BizTalk Server 2006R2. Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2, the latest version of BizTalk, is an exciting tool... Read more