Windows 7 Search Connectors

  • 1 minute to read
Earlier I talked about the new Windows 7 Federated Search capabilities and mentioned that you can create your own Search connectors. Since then, I’ve been busy creating some search connector description files for the following sites: Geekswithblogs Live Search MSDN MSDN Blogs The... Read more

Windows 7 Federated Search

  • 3 minutes to read
Windows and the Windows Explorer have had search capabilities for a long time and they have gradually improved over the years. The one thing that was always lacking was an ability to search different contexts (or remote sources). There were some improvements with the Windows Desktop search, but I think... Read more

Windows 7 Tricks and Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 5 minutes to read
I’ve been running Windows 7 RC for a little over a week now and can’t imagine going back to Vista at this point. I decided to start with a fresh install of Windows 7, so I’ve been in the process of reinstalling all of my applications and cleaning up my... Read more

Windows 7 Release Candidate

  • 7 minutes to read
Microsoft has reached a critical milestone in the Windows 7 development cycle with the limited release of the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) today for Microsoft TechNet and MSDN subscribers and general availability from the Microsoft Download Center on May 5th. There has been a lot of excitement about Windows... Read more