Windows Vista: Kernel Changes - Here boy! Here boy! Fetch!

  • 3 minutes to read
SuperFetch™ Everyone is probably familiar with Prefetch which was introduced in Windows XP. Prefetch really only handled single processes at process startup.   In Vista, SuperFetch™ prefetches across a set of applications and takes in to account the frequency of page usgae and the usage of the page in the... Read more

Windows Vista: Kernel Changes - Resource Quotas and Symlinks

  • 1 minute to read
Resource Quotas Prior to Vista, quotas were system-wide. Vista supports per-user hard resource quotas that cover: CPU usage working set minimum page file usage nonpaged pool paged pool Process and thread creation have new extended attributes contained in the STARTUPINFOEX structure and new API functions: ProcThreadAttributeList. ... Read more