HTML input types

  • 4 minutes to read
As web developers and consumers, we’re all familiar with the HTML <input> tag. This is the tag that renders on the screen as an input text box. However, as developers you may not be familiar with all of the “new” HTML 5 values for the type... Read more

Windows 8 Hackathon

  • 2 minutes to read
Windows reimagined. Extraordinary apps. Combining the broad reach of Windows, best-in-class developer tools, a re-imagined user experience, and a built-in store, Windows 8 is the largest developer opportunity — ever. *Are you ready? *Then join us for this free, full-day event filled with coding, sharing, plenty of food, and... Read more

Strings in .NET are Enumerable

  • 5 minutes to read
It seems like there is always some confusion concerning strings in .NET. This is both from developers who are new to the Framework and those that have been working with it for quite some time. Strings in the .NET Framework are represented by the System.String class, which encapsulates the... Read more

Windows Metro Requests

  • 1 minute to read
Windows 8 and Windows Metro style apps have a lot of potential, but only if application vendors realize there is a demand to see their app as a Metro style app and not just as a desktop app (or worse, only as an Android or iOS app). As consumers, the... Read more