Logo designs

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Several years ago I was in need of some logo design services for one of my projects. Since I’m not a graphics designer, I knew I would need to use a design service. As a result, I turned to my attention to a web search and started investigating my options. What I found was that there are a lot of offerings available and that prices and quality seemed to vary widely.

I eventually decided to use Logoglo and (jumping ahead several years and several logos later) couldn’t be happier with that choice. Logoglo gives you premium service and a premium product without the premium price. There are several different pricing options to choose from but the price and quality is superb. The company tagline is “High quality affordable logo design & graphic design”, and that couldn’t be more true.

I have now used logoglo for a couple of different projects; some have been a simple logo and social media avatar and others have been the full range of logo, social media, business cards, letterhead, and a logo suitable for embroidery.

I’m very happy with the quality, professionalism and turnaround time of the logoglo team and they have definitely become my “go-to” service for logo design. (In fact, I’m about to use them for another project - more on that in a later post.)