Upcoming Code Camps for the South East (April 2009 Update)

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I’m trying to put together the list of upcoming code camps in the South East region. The plan is for this to be periodically (probably quarterly) updated so, if you are hosting a code camp (or know someone who is) in the South East, please let me know the date and website so I can include it in the list. (I’m also using this list to plan my speaking schedule, so if I don’t know about your code camp I can’t determine if it will fit my schedule.)

I only know of a few, so if you know of others please let me know.

Date Title Speaking
1/31/2009 Alabama Code Camp N
2/6/2009 South Florida Code Camp Y
3/7/2009 Roanoke Code Camp N
3/14/2009 Atlanta Code Camp N
3/28/2009 Orlando Code Camp Y
3/28/2009 Charlotte Code Camp N
4/25/2009 Richmond Code Camp N
5/2/2009 SQL Saturday #15 - Jacksonville N
5/23/2009 Northern Virginia Code Camp N
5/30/2009 SQL Saturday #7 – Birmingham N
6/6/2009 SQL Saturday #12 – Pensacola N
6/13/2009 Day of DotNetNuke (Tampa) N
8/8/2009 SQL Saturday #16 – South Florida N
8/29/2009 Jacksonville Code Camp1 Y
9/5/2009 Tallahassee .NET Code Camp ?
10/3/2009 Southwest Florida .NET Code Camp Y2
12/2009 Tampa Code Camp1 Y
  1. Tentative date
  2. Planned, not confirmed.