TweeTube – Video Sharing for Twitter

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There are a lot of different sites available for sharing pictures on Twitter, but it seems like there are very few that allow you to easily share videos. All of that has changed with the launch today of TweeTube.

TweeTube bills itself as being “The easiest way to share videos on Twitter” and from what I’ve seen so far, it is.

You can search YouTube for videos with matching keywords, or if you already know the video you can paste the URL.

After you find the video (in this case I am sharing a video of BitBlt singing “I Will Survive”.  You can preview the video information and include a message.

TweeTube uses your Twitter login information and maintains it’s own public timeline of videos shared, popular videos and just the videos that you have shared.

Right now, TweetTube only works only with YouTube, but they will be expanding that in the near future.