Some Clarifications on my Los Techies blog

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It seems there has been some confusion and concern over my decision to also blog on the Los Techies website that I wanted to clarify.

The most important point I want to make is:

For those of you who subscribe to my blog hosted on Geeks With Blogs ( there is no need to also subscribe to my Los Techies blog.

My primary blog will continue to be here on GWB and all new posts will show up here first. What that means is that anything I blog here will eventually make its way to my Los Techies blog (since I have to manually cross-post the entries there may be a delay in some cases). That also means that everything you see on my Los Techies blog (with the exception of my introduction post) will be on my GWB blog.

To put it simply:

My Los Techies blog is a mirror of my GWB blog and will contain no new/exclusive content.

(Sorry Los Techies, but I have a loyal following here and feel a certain amount of loyalty to GWB since I’ve been blogging here for the last 2 1/2 years.)

Right now I realize there is a certain “air of exclusivity” about the Los Techies site as you must be invited in order to host a blog. I hope that will eventually change and the site becomes a more open community.

If anyone feels strongly enough that I should only maintain one blog or has any other questions/concerns, please let me know.