Windows Mobile 6.5

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A few months ago, Motorola mentioned Windows Mobile 6.5 in an earnings call:

“Windows Mobile 6 has not delivered the experience that I think Apple has been able to deliver, but as you look at the plan that Windows Mobile 7 and even 6.5, I think there are significant new added features which will help the platform.”

This sparked the fuel under the rumor mill, but apparently the rumors have now been confirmed by Steve Ballmer:

With releases we’ll make this year - releases we’ll make with 6.5 next year, Windows Mobile 7, I think we have a pretty interesting roadmap.

It looks like Windows Mobile 6.5 will be out sometime early next year, but it’s unclear what will be included and what it means for Windows Mobile 7. If you want to hear Steve’s full comments, watch the Telstra Live Webcast, then pick the Q&A Session 2 in the drop down below the video, and go to around 12 minutes, where he answers a question about the next 12, 18, 24 months of Windows Mobile.