Racing Balloon

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My friend and fellow MVP Richard has a unique project that he started to help raise money for one of his local primary school’s swimming pool repair fund, which needs to raise £40K.

He’s running a balloon race, which is being combined with Microsoft Virtual Earth to allow people to record and track where the balloons are found. Prizes are being offered (courtesy of Microsoft) for the finder of the balloon that has traveled the farthest and the person who launched that balloon.

If you are interested in helping donate, please buy a balloon race ticket (£1 each, minimum order 2) and make sure you check back on July 5th when the race starts and all of the balloons are launched.

This looks like it will be a lot of fun for all who participate and should be a great way to raise some money for a good cause. It would be great if they are able to raise all of the money needed from just one balloon race.