New Lineup of SlickEdit Tools

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I have talked about the SlickEdit Tools and Gadgets in the past (here and here) and have always been impressed with both of them. Previously, the SlickEdit Tools were only available for Visual Studio 2005. Now that Visual Studio 2008 is here, SlickEdit has released an update that works with both VS2005 and VS2008.

The catch here is that this is much more than a simple update. The major difference is that the tools have been organized into two products: the Editing Toolbox (datasheet), which contains all of the same tools available in version 1.0, and the Versioning Toolbox (datasheet).

The Editing Toolbox provides a very useful collection of utilities that add convenience to your daily programming tasks by:

The Code Annotations feature is new in version 2.0 and is a great feature for collaboration and code reviews. It allows you to store annotations marked as “Bug”, “Comment”, and “Task”. These annotations don’t actually change the source file, they are stored in an external file. Annotations can be scoped as personal, project, or workspace.

The really nice thing about the Code Annotations window is that, unlike the Visual Studio Task List, the annotations are still displayed even when the source file is closed.

You can see all of the information about the annotation at a glance, including the full code element that is associated with that annotation.

The Versioning Toolbox allows you to view your source control activity and help you understand when and where changes are being made and by whom. Easily understand and navigate your source code by using these powerful features:

I think the most promising features here are the Visualization and the fact that all of these utilities work with CVS, SVN, TFS, or VSS in exactly the same way. There is only support right now for TFS if you have TFS 2005 installed, but the developers at SlickEdit are working very hard on getting TFS 2008 support worked out, which will allow you to work with either TFS 2005 or 2008. This update should be available soon.

The best part of the new SlickEdit Tools is the price. Each Toolbox is available for $49. If you aren’t sure if the tools are for you, download the free trial. Once you install them, I think you’ll find that they will quickly become part of your every day development experience.