Visual Studio user settings per project/solution

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Last April I talked about the need to have the Visual Studio editor settings (like tab size, curly brace location, etc.) stored with each solution as well as globally. This was spurred by an email thread between some of the Subtext developers and myself. The end result was a feature request being submitted on Microsoft Connect. That feature request ended up being closed because it was submitted too late in the Orcas (Visual Studio 2008) cycle.

I just received an update from the Connect site, and specifically from Noah, saying

We are planning on building an entirely new docking window system and setting store for Visual Studio 10. We’ll track this to make sure it is addressed. Please try out the Visual Studio 10 CTPs when they become avalible [sic] and let us know if this has improved at all.

I am very excited about this feature making it in to the VS10 release (which should be after the Rosario release).