Community Credit Hall of Fame

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I’ve blogged in the past about Community Credit and really love the site. As a 5 time Community Credit winner, I just received the email today (although I actually knew about it over the weekend) that I have been inducted into the Community Credit Hall of Fame for 2008.

There are a total of 17 inductees, all of whom have contributed a great deal to the development community. Thanks David for all of the hard work keeping Community Credit running smoothly so we all have a place to share with the community and for the personal touch on the Hall of Fame page:

Scott Dorman

Scott Dorman, a C# MVP, is one of the members of the community that I know personally and I can attest to his contributions to the development community since I have participated in many of them with him. He is a frequent speaker at User Groups and CodeCamps, he Blogs like a madman and a very well respected member of many communities, including CodeProject where he was named a CodeProject MVP this year. He has been rewarded 5 times in Community Credit and has logged almost 2,000 submissions.

Congratulations to Simone, Lou, Jeff, and all of the other inductees. Without all of their efforts the development community and Community Credit would not be what it is today.