MSBuildContrib January Release

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I have just uploaded a new release of MSBuildContrib which brings the current list of tasks to:

NAnt/NAntContrib Task MSBuildContrib Task Status Description
attrib Attrib Complete Changes the file attributes of a file or set of files and directories.
checksum Checksum Complete Calculates checksums for a set of files.
codestats CodeStats Complete Generates statistics from source code.
concat Concat Complete A task that concatenates a set of files.
fxcop FxCop Complete* Analyzes managed code assemblies using the Microsoft FxCop.
gac-install GacUtil Complete Installs assemblies into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) by using the gacutil SDK tool.
gac-uninstall GacUtil Complete Uninstalls assemblies into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) by using the gacutil SDK tool.
grep Grep Complete Searches files for a regular-expression and produces an XML report of the matches.
move Move Complete Moves a file or set of files to a new file or directory.
regex CreateItemRegex Complete* Sets project properties based on the evaluation of a regular expression.
sysinfo GetEnvironment Complete Sets properties with system information.
  CheckDiskspace Complete* Reports any local fixed disks that are less than the minimum available space.
  UpdateItemMetadata Complete* Adds or updates metadata to an item.

* Task was recently added.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded the previous release. As always, there is still a long way to go, so if you are interested in helping out please let me know and I will add you to the project. Also, if you have implemented tasks and want to have them added to MSBuildContrib let me know.