Tampa Bay IASA Meeting Registration

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We are moving the event registration to Eventbrite, which has added a lot of new capabilities and flexibility for us in terms of allowing people to register for the meetings. The most significant change is that we now have a dedicated URL for all of our meetings. To find any of the meetings that we are hosting, simply go to http://tampabayiasa.eventbrite.com. From that page, you will see all of the events we are hosting, some information about the chapter, and a link to subscribe to an RSS feed to receive future event notifications.

Just remember that the meetings are free to attend, but we would like for you to register so you can choose to receive the monthly newsletter and we have an idea of how many people will be attending.

[Online Event Registration](http://www.eventbrite.com) - [Powered by www.eventbrite.com](http://www.eventbrite.com)

One of the more interesting features is the “Event promoter”, which shows you the next event (and a countdown for it) and also provides a nice calendar view. It is a Flash widget, so you’ll need the Flash Player installed.