Free Day of Patterns and Practices Tampa 2008 Roadshow

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Day of Patterns And Practices

Tampa 2008 Roadshow
January 31, 2008, 8:30am - 4:00pm
Microsoft - Tampa, Florida


Join new and experienced Microsoft WinForms and Web developers for a day long FREE Developer Event covering Enterprise Library, Software Factories, and proven practices from Microsoft Patterns and Practices. Learn to increase developer productivity and application quality using Enterprise Library building blocks, code generation, and proven practices for Smart Clients, Web Clients, and Web Services.

Learn how to:


![](![]( **David Hayden** - David Hayden is an independent consultant in Sarasota, Florida specializing in ASP.NET web applications using Microsoft's patterns and practices. He is also a Microsoft MVP in C# and very active in the Enterprise Library and Software Factory communities. He runs two active blogs at and   ![]( ![]( **Stan Schultes** – Stan is an enterprise architect/developer in Sarasota, FL who builds engineering design & automation tools in his day job. He is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Basic and regularly speaks at a variety of community events, has written for MSDN Online, and is a former columnist and contributing editor for Visual Studio Magazine.
![]( **Jeff Barnes** - Jeff Barnes is the Microsoft Architect Evangelist for the Gulf States District where he engages with the local Architect community to help solve tough business problems with leading-edge technology. Jeff has been with Microsoft for over 8 years and has spent over 6 years of those years as an architect in the Microsoft Consulting Services organization working with large enterprise customers throughout North America. Prior to Microsoft, Jeff worked for several large insurance, manufacturing, and retail companies in South Florida.   ![]( **Ron Jacobs** - Ron is an Architect Evangelist in the Microsoft Architecture Strategy group based at the company headquarters in Redmond Washington. Since 1999 Ron has been a product and program manager on various Microsoft products including the .Net Framework, Windows Communication Foundation and COM+. A top-rated conference speaker, author and host of the podcast show ARCast.TV, Ron brings over 20 years of industry experience to his role of helping Microsoft customers and partners to build architecturally sound and secure applications.