Subtext and MySpace China

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MySpace China LogoPhil and Steve beat me to announcing, but Phil has officially confirmed that MySpace China is using a modified version of Subtext for it’s blogging engine.

This is incredible news as MySpace China gets around 100 million page views, of which about 1 million go to the blog. What does that mean? Well, for starters it means that Subtext is definitely a scalable and robust blogging engine. It also means that Subtext and it’s skinning capabilities can support double-byte Kanji based character sets with apparent ease.

According to Phil, there were a few bugs that the MySpace China developers needed to fix that were only found when Subtext was put under such an extreme load. Hopefully they will contribute those fixes as patches, even though they aren’t required to do so under our license. It would be great to get these patches into the main Subtext builds, which will make the engine even more powerful.

This is a huge accomplishment by a great group of developers and will (I hope) certainly mean much bigger things for Subtext in the future. Great job guys!