New and Updated SnapShots

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The MapShotThe folks at Snap have released a new Snap Shot, called the MapShot. Once activated, it display a map of an address, a point of intersection or a location specified using latitude and longitude.

This is the first release and only works with Google Maps, but all of the standard controls offered by Google Maps work so you can zoom, drag, or change views. Snap has also added the ability to perform quick local searches for hotels, gas stations and restaurants near the center point of the map.

The easiest way to create a MapShot link is by typing a very specific address into Google Maps, click “Link To This Page” and copy the URL. Now paste the link into your site as you would a normal link and a MapShot will be added automatically.

They will be upgrading it soon to work with other mapping services like Yahoo! Maps and Live Search Maps.

The other Snap Shot that has been upgraded is the WikiShot, which provides readers with a text summary of a Wikipedia article in an easy to read format. Now, a WikiShot for an article that contains an image will include a scaled down version of the image in addition to the articles first paragraph. In order to accomplish this, Snap needed to re-index Wikipedia, so there may still be a few articles that don’t have images yet.