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At the end of September, Microsoft launched a major upgrade to Live Search that makes it faster and easier to use. Some of the areas that have been improved are:

While Live Search still doesn’t have the same reach as Google in their search results, it has become a lot better and will continue to improve. Looking at my own blog’s statistics, Live Search is currently tied as the second highest search engine.

Some of you may remember that I had problems with comments and Google search that caused me to remove the Google search box from my site. As of imagetoday, I have added a new Live Search box for my site that allows you to search both my blog and the web at the same time. I think the actual search box looks a lot nicer than the one Google uses and really like the way I can customize the look of the search results and display them on my site as an overlay (layered) window.

I think the Live Search team has done a great job listening to feedback and adding content sources. I think the more Live Search is used and integrated with web sites and blogs, the more useful it will become. There are already a few enhancements I want to see made, such as: