Windows Live Events

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Yesterday, eWeek announced the debut of Microsoft’s new event planning service, Windows Live Events. Live Events is part of Windows Live Spaces, and is intended to make it easy for users to create personalized event web sites. There are more than 100 predefined templates to choose from and allow you to add photos, videos, and blog posts after the party is over. This will be a free service supported by banner ads at the top of the page.

The interesting thing is that Windows Live Product Manger Jay Fluegel told eWeek that the Live Events service has not been tested outside of Microsoft since it is built on the same infrastructure as Live Spaces.

Even though this is a Windows Live service, those invited to attend the event don’t need a Windows Live identity unless they want to upload content or participate in a discussion board thread or comment on a blog post. It will be interesting to see how Live Events will compete with other more established services like Evite.