Latest email spam

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I don’t know about you, but I get lots of email spam, most of which I just completely ignore. I do, however, periodically review what lands in my “Junk e-mail” folder to make sure something wasn’t put there by mistake. As a result, the first email in the list always ends up getting displayed.

I’m not trying to make a political statement in any way at all, and whatever your views on the current U.S. military actions in Iraq aside, this latest form of email spam is just downright revolting.

This spam is designed to entirely play on your sympathy…please don’t fall for this. I sincerely hope that the Sergeant whose name is being used and also the email of the person sending this are not a real individuals (I suspect the sender might be).

Email spam has become big business over the last several years, but with a little bit of “user education” the general public can become much less likely to fall for these things. While the content of the message is intended to tug on your heartstrings there are several key aspects of the message that are complete giveaways as to the real nature of the message:

  1. Any legitimate military personnel, particularly a Sergeant, will always capitalize the abbreviation Sgt.
  2. If this were a legitimate email, the person’s name would also be capitalized and formatted correctly.
  3. In this case, the name is listed differently each time:
    • “sgt. jr jarvis reeves”
    • “sgt Jarvis reeves jr” In the email, the “united state” would be “United States” (capitalized and plural).
  4. The “Million” would not be capitalized.
  5. The spacing before and after periods would be correct and consistent.
  6. The email address listed in the message is different than who sent it.
Again, just to be clear on this: This is email spam. It is not real. Do not reply or send any information.