TechEd Hands-on Labs and Instructor-Led Labs

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It looks like the Hands-on and Instructor-Led Labs at TechEd this year are getting a major technology upgrade. All of the workstations (and there are 1200 of them) have dual monitors with live updating manuals. You will get more than just the lab manual this time around as well. You get the lab manual, whitepapers, blogs, webcasts, and websites. You will be able to read them in the lab or email them to yourself for later reading. You will also be able to comment on the lab as you do it, read other’s comments, see eval scores, and preview content before you start the lab. You can even save a lab after you’ve started it and come back later on any computer to finish it. As an additional option, you can receive SMS or email alerts if new labs become available.

What does it take to create the labs? Here are the details:

That’s a lot of hardware and content to coordinate. It sounds like the labs this year will be an excellent experience. Now I just need to decide which ones I’m interested in doing.