Snap Preview Anywhere is now Snap Shots

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The folks at Snap have done it again. Snap Shots works exactly like Snap Preview Anywhere, but is a lot better. They have taken all of the feedback received about SPA and created Snap Shots. The really cool thing about Snap Shots is that it is a lot more contextual than SPA, and delivers instant, relevant and highly concentrated content based on the URL associated with the Snap Shot.

**WikiShot™** ![]( **StockShot™** ![](
**Approved URL:** **Approved URLs:**
**MovieShot™** ![]( **VideoShot™** ![](
**Approved URL:** **Approved URL:**
**ProductShot™** ![]( **PhotoShot™** ![](
**Approved URL:** **Approved URL:**
**AudioShot™** ![]( **PreviewShot™** ![](
**Approved URL:** **Approved URL:** all other URLs

More approved URLs are being added all the time and more Snap Shots are also being created. Even better news is that Snap Shots will be available as an open API, so you can create your own Snap Shots.

I think these additions increase the usefulness of the service tremendously. For those of us that were already using SPA, there isn’t anything we have to do…the JavaScript code required for SPA is exactly the same so Snap Shots are already active.