Expression products now part of MSDN

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When Microsoft announced the new Expression product line, a decision was made to keep these out of the MSDN subscriptions. The theory behind this was that these tools are designed for graphics designers and didn’t have a place in the MSDN subscriptions.

This decision was widely criticized by the development community and Microsoft has finally realized their mistake and announced that Expression Web and Expression Blend will now be available at no extra charge to all MSDN Premium Subscribers,  including customers with the “VS Professional with MSDN Premium” subscription. Expression Design and Expression Media are included with MSDN subscriptions with Team Suite.

The next release of Visual Studio will also ship with integrated designers for HTML, WPF, and WPF/E. The HTML designer is actually the same one that ships with Expression Web.

Expression Web is available now to all MSDN Premium subscribers. Expression Blend will be available later in Q2 2007, sometime after the release of Expression Studio.