Just Pencils! a subscript...

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After hunting around on Google for a few minutes, I was not able to find the person who may have originally taken these photos…but I was able to find the original sculptor. All of these pencil sculptures are the creation of Jennifer Maestre an incredibly talented woman. The pencil sculptures are made up of hundreds of pencils cut into 1 inch sections and sewn together.

The original gallery of pencil sculptures is available as well as some additional ones. (Disregard the JavaScript error that displays…I’ve emailed the webmaster for the site and hopefully this will be resolved shortly.)

There is no copyright statement, but since these images represent someone’s passion and work I am going to be removing the gallery on my blog in deference to the sculptor’s website. I don’t know if any of these sculptures are for sale, but if they are they would make an excellent addition to your collection.