Reflector 5.0

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Reflector 5.0 was just released today. If you haven’t already downloaded, do it now. It has a ton of new features, and makes version 4 pale in comparison. In fact, there are so many new features that Lutz has put together a PowerPoint slideshow that gives an overview of what’s new.

One of the coolest new features is a custom protocol handler that will really show the versatility of Reflector. If you already have Reflector 5 installed, you can navigate directly to a code item through a code:// URL. For example,


will take you directly to the .NET 2.0 DateTime object in Reflector. To get this URL, select any item in Reflector and press Ctrl+Alt+C to copy the code:// URL to the clipboard.

This version also supports .NET 3.0, anonymous methods, nullable types, multiple windows and Vista!

Once you’ve downloaded it, don’t forget to check out the Add-Ins, available on CodePlex.