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Microsoft has just announced a new CTP available called “WPF/E”, which is the codename for a new web presentation technology. I am guessing that the “E” stands for “Everywhere” since this is being created to run on a variety of platforms. According to the documentation,

It enables the creation of rich, visually stunning, and interactive experiences that can run everywhere: within browsers, and on multiple devices and desktop operating systems (such as the Apple Macintosh). It is consistent with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), which is the presentation technology in .NET 3.0 (the Windows programming infrastructure), and XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language), which is the foundation of the “WPF/E” presentation capability.

According to the “Top Downloads” list, the top two downloads are “WPF/E” CTP for Windows and “WPF/E” CTP for Macintosh.

This new technology used Web standards and makes the XAML markup programmable through JavaScript and ASP.NET AJAX and will require a “lightweight browser plug-in made freely available by Microsoft”.

Microsoft is expecting this to be broadly available in the first half of 2007.

This should be a very interesting piece of technology to follow and see if it lives up to expectations.