TechEd 2007 is not in New Orleans anymore!

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This was actually announced a few days ago, but I’ve been a little slow catching up on the news.

Microsoft TechEd 2007, which was originally going to be held in New Orleans, has just been moved. Microsoft hasn’t committed to a new location yet, but they actually moved TechEd, WinHEC and MGX. It wouldn’t surprise if there are more coming.

The official reason is due to the logistics and unreliable air traffic service into and out of the city. We’re 13 months out from the destruction caused by Katrina and there are still major problems in the city. Despite those problems, I was actually looking forward to going and was actually very encouraged when I saw that the conference was going to be there next year.

It is unfortunate that Microsoft isn’t able to keep the location as having all three of those shows in New Orleans would have a tremendous positive impact to the city and it’s people.

The full article is available here.