The reorg shuffle

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Today finished my first day after the reorganization shuffle last night at work. We lost two people, one developer and one manager and two other managers (including myself) were moved around and are no longer managers.

All of the political reasons and posturing aside, it has made me realize one thing: I don’t have the right outlook to be a manager here.

To me, a development manager is the first and last line of defense and sanity for his development team. It is his job to shield the development team from management and shoulder the responsibility when something goes wrong; at the same time he’s the one to pass praise from management on to the team and make sure their accomplishments are recognized. A good development manager is not self-serving and doesn’t try to make himself look good at his teams expense.

It seems I’m better off being a simple developer, rather than a developer who manages in has spare time.

For those of you who find yourself in similar situations, there is a great book written for developers who find themselves being managers called Herding Cats by J. Hank Rainwater. I highly recommend it.